Arnette: Exclusive Texture Wall Media

Arnette is for the glamorous, hospitality type of space due to it’s intricate embossing and ability to allow designers to create beautiful artwork on media that has no equal.

It looks almost like cotton at first glance, and yet, it’s extremely durable and fabric backed like all of our toughest substrates, so it will hold up against a lot of the scuffs and scratches that any wallcovering is asked to endure when hung in a hospitality setting.

Even among our own collection of notoriously creative exclusive materials, there’s no other media that’s quite like Arnette.  If forced to choose a substrate with even the slightest resemblance to Arnette, it would be silk.  But that’s only because of the vertical lines

The second (not so) similar material would be our Cabrec tta, but only because of the deep embossing. Cabretta has not straight lines either, but it allows designers to make use of the extreme peaks and valleys in their art to make it come alive.

See some of the examples of how Arnette can be used to enhance designs below.  Hover over each design with your mouse for the name of the design and a link to order a sample.